PowerMEMS 2019

Prof. Grzegorz Litak from Lublin University of Technology takes part in PowerMEMS 2019 School conference at AGH University of Science and Technology in Kraków. Today (2.12.2019) he is one of the speakers on the topic of energy harvesting. Any additional information about the conference you can find here:

Prof. Grzegorz Litak Visit to Ponta Grossa. Prof. Grzegorz Litak visited Federal University of Technology Parana- UTFPR, Ponta Grossa, Brazil 18-25 August 2019. He took part in the meeting Workshop Trends on Energy Transfer on Macro and MEMS Scales on 19 August 2019 and continued some discussions on the next days. The discussion and initial joint calculations focused on energy harvesting in the technical ambient vibrating system with non-ideal motor effects. The collaboration included Prof. J.M. Blthazar, Prof. A.M. Tusset, Mr. M.A. Ribeiro, and W.B. Lenz (Parana).