Energy Harvesting Publications

In this section you will find publications that are the result of collaboration between scientists from around the world.

  • 29 July 2022

Nonlinear Dynamics of a Star-Shaped Structure and Variable Configuration of Elastic Elements for Energy Harvesting Applications

Abstract: The subject of the model research contained in this paper is a new design solution of the energy…

  • 29 July 2022

Energy harvesting efficiency of a quasi-zero stiffness energy harvester

Abstract: In this paper, a study on modelling energy harvesting efficiency of a quasi-zero stiffness system is presented. Mechanical…

  • 29 July 2022

Energy harvesting: materials, structures and methods

Abstract: With the advent of technology miniaturization, portable electronic devices are evolving at a rapid pace, especially in the…

  • 31 May 2022

Dynamics and control of a vibrating system with hyperchaotic behavior using an electronic circuit implementation

Abstract In this paper, an electronic circuit based on Macek equations was developed in which the phenomenon of hyperchaos…

  • 27 May 2022

On Energy Harvesting with Time-Varying Frequency by Using Magneto-Piezo-Elastic Oscillators with Memory

Part of introduction With the increasing demand for energy consumption in recent years, several areas of science have been…

  • 5 May 2022

Approximate Fokker–Planck–Kolmo-gorov equation analysis for asymmetric multistable energy harvesters excited by white noise

Abstract: Due to the broadband response characteristics at low levels of excitations, nonlinear multistable systems have garnered a great…

  • 19 April 2022

Mathematical modelling, nonlinear dynamics, bifurcation, synchronization and control of mechanisms driven by power supply

Abstract: The special issue entitled “Mathematical modelling, nonlinear dynamics, bifurcation, synchronization and control of mechanisms driven by power supply,”…

  • 29 March 2022

Analytical model and energy harvesting analysis of a vibrating slender rod with added tip mass in three-dimensional space

Abstract: In the paper, a new 3D energy harvesting system is provided. This work discussed the Lagrange approach to…

  • 4 March 2022

Nonlinear dynamics of a new energy harvesting system with quasi-zero stiffness

Abstract: This paper presents the results of modelling a new nonlinear multi-stable QZEH (quasi-zero energy harvester) system for harvesting…

  • 23 February 2022

Characterizing nonlinear characteristics of asymmetric tristable energy harvesters

Abstract: Ambient vibration conditions greatly influence the response of nonlinear energy harvesters. Recently, simulations and experiments have verified that…

  • 7 February 2022

Application of Bond Graphs in Modelling of the Energy Harvesting Systems from Vibrating Mechanical Devices

Abstract: This chapter presents the results of computer simulations of the system of energy harvesting from vibrating mechanical devices….

  • 27 January 2022

Multiple Solutions of the Tristable Energy Harvester

Abstract: This paper presents the results of numerical simulations of a non-linear, tristable system for harvesting energy from vibrating…

  • 14 July 2021

Response Identification in a Vibration Energy-Harvesting System with Quasi-Zero Stiffness and Two Potential Wells

Abstract: In this paper, the frequency broadband effect in vibration energy harvesting was studied numerically using a quasi-zero stiffness…

  • 9 April 2021

Dynamics of Coupled Nonlinear Oscillators with Mistuning.

Abstract: A four-degree-of-freedom mechanical system composed of two weakly coupled modules with external forcing is modelled and numerically investigated….

  • 17 February 2021

Dynamics of a nonlinear energy harvester with subharmonic responses

Abstract: A frequency transmission band of the nonlinear energy harvester shall be studiednumerically. For the analysis, the nonlinear piezoelectric…

  • 17 February 2021

Possibilities of energy harvesting from the suspension system of the internal combustion engine in a vehicle.

Abstract: The automotive industry faces huge challenge in environmental protection by reducing fossil fuels and energy consumption by developing…

  • 17 February 2021

Nonlinear vibration mitigation of a crane’s payload using pendulum absorber

Abstract: The paper proposes and investigates nonlinear vibrations mitigation strategies of an externally excited pendulum. This problem is highly…

  • 4 February 2021

Stochastic analysis of asymmetric monostable harvesters driven by Gaussian white noise with moment differential equations

Abstract: As an effective means to overcome the shortcomings of linear systems only performing well near the resonance frequency,…

  • 18 January 2021

Impact-based piezoelectric energy harvesting system excited from diesel engine suspension

Abstract: Vibration energy harvesting systems are using real ambient sources of vibration excitation. In our paper, we study the…

  • 18 January 2021

Hybrid wind energy scavenging by coupling vortex-induced vibrations and galloping

Abstract: This paper presents a hybrid piezoelectric wind energy scavenger with different cross-sectioned bluff bodies, to enhance the energy…

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