On Energy Harvesting with Time-Varying Frequency by Using Magneto-Piezo-Elastic Oscillators with Memory

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With the increasing demand for energy consumption in recent years, several areas of science have been looking for the production of clean and renewable energy. In this context, several devices are used, such as converting mechanical movement of sea waves [1–3] and portal frame systems [4–7].
However, many of these devices contain piezoceramic patches (PZT). These materials have the ability to generate electrical tension when under a mechanical stress. This deformation of the material allows the creation of electrical energy. The reverse is also possible, that is, the application of an electrical voltage to these materials causes a mechanical deformation in the system. Therefore, following this line of thought, we can define the term energy generation or harvesting.



Angelo M. Tusset, Jose M. Balthazar, Rodrigo T. Rocha, Jorge L. P. Felix, Marcus Varanis, Mauricio A. Ribeiro, Clivaldo de Oliveira, Itamar Iliuk, and Grzegorz Litak

This paper was published in:

Advances in Nonlinear Dynamics
Proceedings of the Second International Nonlinear Dynamics Conference (NODYCON 2021), Volume 3

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